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Attorney Jeanne Costopoulos Family LawAttorney Costopoulos grew up in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1989 with a B.A. in Political Science with minors in psychology, history, philosophy and sociology. She graduated from the Dickinson School of Law and was admitted to practice in Pennsylvania in 1993.  Attorney Costopoulos has held associate positions with the law firms of Costopoulos Foster & Fields, Patrick F. Lauer, Jr. & Associates, and Maria P. Cognetti & Associates. Attorney Costopoulos was the managing partner of Costopoulos & Welch prior to establishing her own office in 2003 representing clients exclusively in the field of family law.  Attorney Costopoulos is a member of the Family Law Sections of the Cumberland County, Dauphin County, York County, and Pennsylvania Bar Associations.  When not representing clients, Attorney Costopoulos enjoys spending time with family, spoiling her dog, raw veganism, kayaking, hiking, and mountain bike riding. She is also certified as a hot yoga instructor at Drip105 Hot Yoga specializing in the Original Bikram 26 & 2.

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